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A Beginner’s Guide to Roaches in South Carolina

Palmetto Bugs Versus Cockroaches

There are many types of cockroaches living in South Carolina including palmetto bugs. If they begin to invade a home or building, roach extermination is the only one to get rid of them and protect the property. While it’s advised that a professional be hired, there are methods of roach extermination that can be accomplished using tools available at many retail stores.


Palmetto Bugs vs. Cockroaches

In South Carolina, cockroaches are often called “Palmetto Bugs.” South Carolina’s nickname, after all, is “The Palmetto State.” Palmetto literally means “Little Palm.” It refers to the Sabal Palmetto, the official state tree of South Carolina.

The Palmetto Bug, however, is not the only type of cockroach in South Carolina. Elsewhere, the Palmetto Bug is called the “American Cockroach.” Measuring up to three inches long, they are the largest type of cockroach found in South Carolina.


Other Cockroaches in South Carolina

The American Cockroach is not the only type of cockroach found with South Carolina. There are many different types of cockroaches within South Carolina. Many of them are also found elsewhere in America and around the world.

Here’s a brief list of some of the other most common cockroaches in the Palmetto State:

  1. The German Cockroach is the most common type of cockroach within the United States of America. They are much smaller than American Cockroaches. Typically, they are less than half-an-inch long, but they breed quickly and in very large numbers.
  2. The Waterbug or Oriental Cockroach is defined for its preferred habitat. Unlike some cockroaches which prefer a dry environment, watebugs love water. A fun fact about the water bug is that they have wings but can’t fly!
  3. Smoky Brown Cockroaches are similar to waterbugs. They cannot live long periods of time without water. If they become even slightly dehydrated, they can die.

Dead Palmetto Bug

Roach Extermination

If cockroaches invade a home or other building, roach extermination will be necessary. If the roaches are not killed, they will invade and take over. Professional exterminators are often the best route of defense, though there are various other methods you can use including buying “buy bombs” or using similar methods to poisons the building.

If a professional is not hired, it is important to follow the directions as they are listed on the package in which they are purchased. Any deviation can be dangerous for the health of anyone who lives, works, or otherwise visits the building.