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April Showers Bring May Mosquitoes

After record levels of rain drenched the US in 2019, spring promises to bring an extremely high level of mosquitoes and other springtime insects. When water levels are high, it takes more time for levels to be absorbed into the ground or to evaporate. These conditions of stagnant water in backyards and elsewhere create more opportunities for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

How to Protect Your Home from Mosquitoes

Basic precautions against mosquitoes will help protect your loved ones from annoying bites and potential diseases. To help prepare for a busy-and-buzzing spring season, keep in mind some of these important tips.

First, minimize breeding sites. Mosquitoes only need a tiny amount of stagnant water to deposit eggs. Be diligent about dumping standing water from garbage can tops, plastic chairs, umbrellas, toys and any place where water gathers. Keep gutters and other yard debris as clean as possible.

Make sure screens and doors are in good repair. This might not help prevent mosquitos from breeding, but will help minimize their presence in your home. Stay inside at dusk or wear long sleeves and pants. Use a quality mosquito repellent when outside in the evening, and use outdoor fans where you are sitting to blow them away. Finally, use a professional pesticide misting system.

For these tips to be most effective, you must be fastidious and stay on top of regular pest maintenance. If you don’t have the time ability to keep up your property, consider hiring a professional pest control company. People who live in difficult areas, such as next to a retention pond, should seriously consider quarterly maintenance.

Prepare Before the Swarm ArrivesHow to Prevent Mosquitos

Professionals say that the best defense against mosquitoes or any pesky insect is good offense. Many people believe that the temperature outside needs to be in the 70s or 80s for mosquitoes to breed, but when the ambient temperature is a steady 50 degrees or higher, they will begin to lay eggs. Other biting pests such as gnats and ‘no-see-ums’ also begin to breed at 50 degrees.

Therefore, the time to get your house and yard defenses in place should be as early in the spring as possible. In addition to the tips listed above, such as cleaning out gutters, etc., you may want to consider buying an electronically controlled tankless misting system. These systems have fine-spray misters about 15 feet apart and are programmed to turn on at dawn and at dusk. The insecticide kills mosquitoes, gnats, and ‘no-see-ums,’ but does not harm beneficial insects such as butterflies.

Whichever methods you choose to protect your property, be sure to get started early as the biting season is upon us!