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Common Fall Pests

Rat Pest Control

Fall Pests

The weather has become chillier, but don’t let your guard down just yet! There are plenty of fall pests hiding around the corner – or in your own home. Here are the four most common fall pests to keep an eye out for:


1. Mosquitoes. Don’t think for a second that these tiny winged nuisances are only present in warmer weather.


2. Ladybugs. They may seem harmless, but ladybugs can be just as problematic as other insects. They not only leave stains and odors, but also enjoy gnawing on garden plants.


3. Cockroaches. Perhaps one of the most intimidating pests to stumble upon is the cockroach. They don’t make themselves easy to catch, either!


Rat Pest Control
4. Rats. It goes without saying that you don’t ever want to find a rat in your home, and the crisp fall weather will not deter them. Aside from startling you and your family, rats carry potential diseases and may cause structural damage to your home.


Fall Pest Control

Different pests require different extermination procedures for your fall pest control. The MistAway Mosquito Misting System will ensure you and your family are mosquito-free once more! Its usage is simple. This electronic pest control system will intermittently spray botanical insecticide on your property, both at dawn and dusk. The mist will also rid you of ladybugs and smaller insects such as gnats, but it won’t be as effective on larger fall pests. Cockroach elimination is trickier to do on your own, often leaving you with numerous traps scattered throughout your home without any visible improvement. A more effective method of fall pest control for cockroaches includes the use of boric acid powder, but it’s easy to apply incorrectly and shouldn’t be used as the only method to rid your home of these fall pests. Rat elimination is no easier. Rat traps and baits may seem promising, but if done incorrectly, they can create more problems for you and your family. Dead rats can easily become trapped in the walls of your home, causing intensely unpleasant odors.


Pest Control

Don’t allow fall pests, big or small, continue their buzzing or gnawing. Rats are not the only pests that carry diseases. Many mosquitoes carry viruses that are harmful to humans, such as the Zika and West Nile Viruses, and there is simply no way of knowing which of these tiny insects present a risk – until it’s too late. It’s always best to seek professional assistance for pest control if you feel your home has been infested or you’re simply fed up with fall pests. That’s what Exclusive Pest Control is here for, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and enjoy the rest of the fall season pest-free!