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Fire Ant

Fire Ant Control Charleston, SC

Fire AntDo you have a fire ant infestation? One common sign of ant activity is the worker and swarmer ants. Other signs are the mounds, which are typically visible after rainfall, or complaints of those who are being stung by ants. A sting contains alkaloid venom. Alkaloid venom is irritating to humans and leads to itchy red bumps and white pustules. Colonies contain 100,00-500,000 insects increasing the potential for future stings.

Once you notice fire ant activity, contact Exclusive Pest Control for an inspection and create a management plan for your home, school, office, or day care.

At EPC we utilize TopChoice, the #1 solution for treatment. Topchoice was developed with schools and parks in mind. It is a single application treatment that offers ant control for up to 1 year.

Exclusive Pest Control offers discounts to schools and daycares.


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