How to Keep Cockroaches Away?

How to Keep Cockroaches Away

The word cockroach makes almost anyone cringe and feel disgusted. Spring is here and the cockroaches are too. These not so pretty pests can cause issues when getting inside your home. Here are some tips on how to keep cockroaches away and out of your safe place. 

Keep Food Consolidated 

Cockroaches are on the hunt to find all crumbs and sprinkles of food. If you want to stop them from any infestation, don’t leave something out that could attract them to come inside. Keep your food in one room of your house so there is less likelihood of the spread of crumbs. We see this happen a lot with kids in homes because they carry their snacks and usually drop crumbs.

Keep all food prep areas clean after you have just prepared your meal. As well as all cabinets, appliances, and other areas that store food. Keep all food sealed and put away after use is also how to keep cockroaches away.

Check for Leaks 

How to keep cockroaches away? Fix dripping pipes and leaks that are just asking for cockroaches to invade your home. A great way to keep pests away is by making sure everything is dry and clean. Check washing areas, sinks, and bathtubs for any chance of a leak. After cleaning dishes be sure to dry them so no water is left behind. Two things that people don’t think about are emptying out pet water dishes overnight and drying off toothbrushes. 

Clean Everything

Prevention is the best way to avoid having to deal with a roach infestation. When you do this you don’t give cockroaches a reason to want to invade. Clean all counters, close garbage cans, and clean up after every meal. Clean your sink, stovetop, and other food preparation areas. It is a lot to keep your kitchen always clean but well worth it in the long run. A home that is kept clean is a roach-free home. Now that you know how to keep cockroaches away and out of your home you will be motivated to clean more.

Keep Home Cool

Still asking how to keep cockroaches away? A simple way is to keep the temperature on your thermostat low. Roaches are attracted to hot areas. When you keep your home temperature down it will keep them from wanting to come into your home. The cooler temperature doesn’t allow for their bodies to work at their highest potentials.

Roach Repellents 

You can keep these pests out with natural remedies in your home. Some essential oils that are effective with keeping cockroaches where they belong are, peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, and cypress oil. 

These insects dislike the smell of crushed bay leaves and stay away from coffee grounds. You can kill them naturally by combining powdered sugar and boric acid. The sugar lures them in and the boric acid kills them. This method is best to be kept from animals and kids. 

In a study by Prude from 2019, researchers found that single active ingredient (AI) treatments can successfully eliminate cockroaches if starting resistance levels are low. They also found that rotation treatments intuitively reduce selection pressure, and are effective when insecticides with no/low resistance are used.

Seek out an Expert

Want to know more about how to keep cockroaches away? Or you are not able to combat these critters youself give Exclusive Pest Control a call at 843.461.5169 or contact us through our website to schedule a consultation. We guarantee a highly trained and trustworthy technician will arrive at your appointment punctually. We offer customized service plans and no contracts. After your appointment, you will feel safe and better in your home knowing the pests were taken care of. Here at Exclusive Pests, we know how to keep cockroaches away and out of your safe haven.

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John was very accommodating and went out of his way to satisfy our needs. We intend to keep his service and would highly recommend him to anyone. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Leo W., Goose Creek, SC

For the job I had for EPC I am very satisfied. He has made a huge difference - Unfortunately this house had a roach infestation before, but now we are taking the step to end this nightmare. When I contacted EPC for pest control John was very fast in response, so yes I would refer him to others, prices are good and the service is good as well. John was on time, we are very happy.

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My experience with Exclusive Pest Control was excellent. John was very professional and friendly. I would use him again and recommend him to others.

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John did an excellent job for a very fair price. Highly recommended.

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Being allergic to most bug sprays, I was skeptical about having our yard sprayed. And living in the low country my entire life, I had accepted the fact that mosquitoes are just part of our environment. John came out and sprayed the yard. It was unbelievable! I was literally able to go outside and read a book in the grass. I am a believer!

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John responded immediately by phone and treated my house the next day. He was very professional and advised me with the next steps to take to keep my home protected. I'm a very pleased customer and would hire him again, if needed.

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I have been using Exclusive Pest Control for 3 years. We live on the golf course with the marsh behind us. So we have a LOT of mosquitos! John has been wonderful to work with and guarantees his services. Without doubt, I can call on a whim to say the bugs are attacking and he comes to our rescue! I’ve even sent him a text message the day before I am having an event at my home and he is always quick to arrive.

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I would highly recommend John McGee and Exclusive Pest Control. They are very thorough and professional. I get reminders when my maintenance is due, instead of a just bill for it and no one ever showing up. He is the only one that has actually kept the mosquitos away. When I need an extra mosquito spray because of all the rain, they are always available to get right out, none of this we’ll be in your area in two weeks.

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