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Tankless Misting Systems

Tankless Mosquito Misting Systems

Watch a video of the MistAway Misting system in action here.

When the weather is nice, you, your family, and friends enjoy lounging by the pool or cooking out. Some days you just like to watch your kids play on the swing set or in the sandbox. Unfortunately, the gnats, mosquitoes, and no-see-ums suck the fun right out of any outdoor plans you make!

What can you do to alleviate the burning, itching, gnawing pain caused by these aggravating pests? Not to mention reduce your family’s risk of Zika virus exposure? Exclusive Pest Control is offering a tankless misting system to help control your mosquito problem.

Mosquito misting SystemHow does it work? Once the MistAway  Mosquito Misting System is installed, it will spray a fine mist of botanical insecticide on your property. Nozzles are strategically placed 10-15 feet throughout your property to mist the insecticide. The MistAway system is electronically controlled to emit a mosquito killing insecticide every 30-60 seconds at dawn and again at dusk. Dawn and dusk are the times when mosquitoes are most prevalent.  The mist settles on grass and landscaping, eliminating the mosquitoes that come into contact with it. The MistAway also helps control pests such as spiders, no-see-ums, and gnats. However, insects such as bees and butterflies remain unharmed. In an effort to provide you with worry free mosquito control, the MistAway system operates automatically and also with a hand held remote control.

To learn more about the MistAway System checkout this website – click here.

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