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When is it Time to Call a Professional Exterminator?

Dealing with ridding your home of a pesky spider or cockroach in your home is normal. Handling a small infestation on occasion is simple with retail remedies such as sprays and traps. However, what if you begin to notice an increase in roach sightings or notice small rashes or itchiness during the night as you sleep? When is it time to consider the aid of a professional exterminator? Here are three signs that it may be time to consider getting the help of a professional to protect your home from pests.

The Elderly, Children or Pets are Present in Your Home

Many do-it-yourself remedies and retail treatments for pests such as roaches can pose a danger to family pets, children and the elderly. Small children that crawl on carpeting and floors and pets that are constantly curious about smells are more prone to being exposed to dangerous chemicals. Elderly members of your family with lower immune systems may experience respiratory issues when certain pest control remedies are used in the home or not applied properly. In this case, the use of a professional roach exterminator is highly recommended.

You Notice Pests Other Than Roaches, Ants or Spiders

If you begin to notice small tears in shelved food products or droppings on the floor, this may be a sign of a rodent infestation. The general rule thumb where there is one, there are many, as these creatures can propagate in your home. This often leads to an uncontrollable infestation and exposure to disease and germs they commonly carry.

You Suspect Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are typically brought into a home undetected via a person’s clothing, luggage exposed to infested areas, or used items such as a sofa or comforter. Bed bugs commonly hide in tiny spaces such as the ribbing on a mattress or a headboard and crawl on floors, walls, and even ceilings. While these bugs are not known to carry disease, they are known to bite the skin of a human typically at night when a person is sleeping. The most common symptom of a bed bug bite is excessive itching and red marks on the skin reminiscent of flea bites. When this occurs, a professional bed bug exterminator is needed.

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