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Charleston’s Pest Control Solution

Exclusive Pest Control is committed to quality pest control services for Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas. We offer recurring pest control options to ensure that your home is always protected again unwanted pests. We also specialize in unique, one-off pest control situations as they arise. Either way, our focus is on making your home as comfortable and safe as possible for the long haul. EPC will provide you and your family with superior care and protection from unwanted pests utilizing state of the art treatment techniques. We also focus on upholding the highest level of safety standards. That is why we continue to remain Charleston’s premier pest control providers year after year.

At EPC we guarantee:Customer Refer | Pest Control

  • Highly trained and trustworthy technicians
  • Punctual
  • Customized Service Plan
  • Customer Referral Plan
  • Clean Courteous Professionals
  • Expert Recommendations

Featured Services


Mosquito | Pest ControlMosquito Control

To eliminate and control the mosquito population on your property Exclusive Pest Control provides monthly mosquito treatment to allow you a safe, comfortable, mosquito-free outdoor space.

bedbug | Pest ControlBed Bug Treatments

Exclusive Pest Control uses the most effective bed bug heat treatments available.  All EPC technicians have been highly trained by industry leading professionals to use heat to kill bed bugs.

Ants | Pest ControlFire Ant Treatments

Once you notice fire ant activity, contact EPC for an inspection and create a management plan for your home, school, office, or day care.


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