There are many types of cockroaches living in South Carolina including palmetto bugs. If they begin to invade a home or building, roach extermination is the only one to get rid of them and protect the property. Exclusive Pest Control offers professional roach extermination services for both commercial and residential properties. We also offer our customers a solution for ensuring roaches don't return with our quarterly pest control services.

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About Cockroaches in Charleston, South Carolina

It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare- an invasion of roaches. It’s important to know that there’s often no such thing as “one” cockroach within a home or building. They travel in colonies and where there’s one, there’s often an infestation. Exclusive Pest Control offers thorough inspections of your property for the telltale signs of a roach problem and effective solutions for exterminating and ensuring they never return.


There are several kinds of cockroaches that home and business owners are affected by most commonly:

  1. The German Cockroach is the most common type of cockroach within the United States of America. They are much smaller than American Cockroaches. Typically, they are less than half-an-inch long, but they breed quickly and in very large numbers.
  2. Palmetto Bugs, also known as American Cockroaches, are also a highly common type of roach that usually seek the dry comfort of Charleston homes after a heavy rain shower, along with the steady supply of food and warmth.  Palmetto bugs are larger than German roaches, measuring between 1.5 and 2 inches in length. They also have wings that assist in getting them from one place to another. Palmetto bugs are a brownish, red color and have long flat bodies.
  3. The Waterbug or Oriental Cockroach is defined for its preferred habitat. Unlike some cockroaches who prefer a dry environment, waterbugs love water. A fun fact about the water bug is that they have wings but can’t fly!
  4. Smoky Brown Cockroaches are similar to waterbugs. They cannot live long periods of time without water. If they become even slightly dehydrated, they can die.

Extermination and Quarterly Treatments for Roaches

The best way to fight a roach infestation is to prevent the bugs from moving in. Clear vegetation away from the foundation of your home, leaving a solid gap of open space between the home and the vegetation. Be aware that most of the beetles that prefer living in the vegetation outdoors do not move indoors. There are many species of cockroaches.

The ones most typically found indoors tend to prefer that living situation over the trees and vegetation. The German cockroach is one of the more common species of roach to reach a level of infestation that requires a professional. Our team at Exclusive Pest Control will help identify factors that made your property a favorable location for roaches. We’ll also help you find the right regular treatment plan that will exterminate your current problem and eliminate the risk of a future infestation.


John was very accommodating and went out of his way to satisfy our needs. We intend to keep his service and would highly recommend him to anyone. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Leo W., Goose Creek, SC

For the job I had for EPC I am very satisfied. He has made a huge difference - Unfortunately this house had a roach infestation before, but now we are taking the step to end this nightmare. When I contacted EPC for pest control John was very fast in response, so yes I would refer him to others, prices are good and the service is good as well. John was on time, we are very happy.

Rhonda M., Goose Creek, SC

My experience with Exclusive Pest Control was excellent. John was very professional and friendly. I would use him again and recommend him to others.

Linda J., Goose Creek, SC

John did an excellent job for a very fair price. Highly recommended.

Ben J., Charleston, SC

Being allergic to most bug sprays, I was skeptical about having our yard sprayed. And living in the low country my entire life, I had accepted the fact that mosquitoes are just part of our environment. John came out and sprayed the yard. It was unbelievable! I was literally able to go outside and read a book in the grass. I am a believer!

Laura Watson

John responded immediately by phone and treated my house the next day. He was very professional and advised me with the next steps to take to keep my home protected. I'm a very pleased customer and would hire him again, if needed.

Kelly T., North Charleston, SC

I have been using Exclusive Pest Control for 3 years. We live on the golf course with the marsh behind us. So we have a LOT of mosquitos! John has been wonderful to work with and guarantees his services. Without doubt, I can call on a whim to say the bugs are attacking and he comes to our rescue! I’ve even sent him a text message the day before I am having an event at my home and he is always quick to arrive.

Lisa Cable, Coldwell Banker United

I would highly recommend John McGee and Exclusive Pest Control. They are very thorough and professional. I get reminders when my maintenance is due, instead of a just bill for it and no one ever showing up. He is the only one that has actually kept the mosquitos away. When I need an extra mosquito spray because of all the rain, they are always available to get right out, none of this we’ll be in your area in two weeks.

Darla Hood, Hawaii Destination Expert

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